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About Pacta Law Service

PACTA employs over 20 attorneys that collectively possess extensive experience and knowledge in most areas of legal expertise. PACTA offers services to individuals, companies, municipalities and institutions. PACTA attorneys present cases before courts as well as representing clients before governmental bodies and committees.

PACTA’s strengths and speciality lies among other things in the number of local offices that PACTA operates in 14 locations around Iceland. By utilising co-ordinated IT-systems and modern ways of communicating internally we can build on the strength that the numbers of our lawyers gives us without losing the feeling of close proximity that is valuable to our customers.

Locating offices in all major towns in various parts of the country gives us the opportunity to keep that close proximity and to be better able to assess the local circumstances in which our customer is operating without losing the ability to provide our customers with access to our best experts in each legal area, wherever they may be located.

International Network

Pacta is a member of The Parlex Group, a network of 28 law firms in most European countries and associate members in the USA, Malaysia and Israel.

The Parlex Group was established in 1971 with the objective of creating a network of small and medium-sized European law firms specializing in commercial law. The Parlex Group was the first European Economic Interest Grouping to be registered in England.

The Parlex Group considers its main purpose to be ensuring members’ clients immediate access to specialist knowledge and legal advice within Europe and beyond. Member offices have a broad legal foundation and several are highly specialized within their specific fields. If a member firm does not have the specialist knowledge required within a specific area, it will immediately put the client in contact with another office in the country in question that does possess this specialist knowledge.

From its inception, The Parlex Group has been both a personal and professional association, and consequently, strong ties of friendship and trust have developed between its members over the years. These ties are continually strengthened through our annual meetings and the exchange of assistant attorneys and attorneys between the firms in the various countries. Any case that is referred to another Parlex member will therefore be guaranteed highly prioritized treatment.

Within the Parlex Group an Nordic Alliance is operated as one unit to create value for clients. The Alliance’s focus is to provide customized advice to their clients across borders in the Nordic region.

You can find more information about this partnership at parlex.org.