Personal Advisory

PACTA personal advisory offers complete legal services regarding all private and personal related issues. Our professionals have diverse expertise and experiences in all areas of private law, including regulation of financial restructuring and insolvency.

PACTA attorneys provides legal service build on knowledge, trust and reliability witch guaranties professionals and honest methods of work.

Personal Advisory

Family and marital law

PACTA provides legal services to individuals and families in cases of divorce, custody, visitation and alimony. These cases are delicate and therefore extremely important to have experience attorney by your side. PACTA services in this field include:

  • Drawing up prenuptial agreements and testaments.
  • Division of assets in cases of divorce.
  • Agreements of custody, visitation and alimony.
  • Child protection matter.

PACTA attorneys provides legal service in full confidentiality based on best interest of our clients.  

Inheritance; testament and estate

PACTA offers professional service regarding all legal aspects of inheriting. Our services in this field include:

  • Advice on success and the principle of the Inheritance Act.
  • Testaments and dispositions of properties.
  • All legal service concerning winding up of an estate

In addition PACTA offers complete services when it comes to preparing documents in this field.

Real estate and property law

PACTA provides extensive services when it comes to providing customers with legal expertise on real estate and property law. The services provided by PACTA include:

  • Assisting on the legal matter when buying real estate.
  • Advice and documentation in the case of fault.
  • Correspondence with the planning authorities.
  • Legal advice on legislation on land and agreements.

PACTA is well prepared to give general or specific advice in the field of real estate and property law.

Extensive Legal Services

PACTA also provides experienced professional in the following fields of expertise:

  • Labour law
  • European law
  • Tax law
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Insurance law and torts